Our Vision

As two brothers, creatives, and watch enthusiasts, we’ve set out to reinvigorate the modern watch landscape with this ethos: Simplicity and clarity lead to great design.

Our love for creation has always been centered around developing the raw materials, shaping movement, and going through iteration after iteration to distill a design into it’s purest form. Quite simply, we love the creative process.

As vintage watch enthusiasts, we’ve handled many forms of watch design, from very dated pieces, to iconic watch models that will remain timeless. Each classic watch we experienced fueled the desire to create something new; A modern watch with striking design choices that mesmerize the senses.

Two years ago we started the prototyping process and founded Baron Mauer; a boutique New York watch experience making passionately designed, beautifully sized timepieces, attainable to watch lovers worldwide.

After careful curation of raw materials, refinement of our low carbon steel prototypes, and partnering with the very same manufacturers that produce watches for luxury industry giants, we're excited to be releasing our inaugural model, the Calaway Ref. 2659. As we prepare to launch this fall, we've been overwhelmed with the response to our pre-campaign, and are thrilled for you to join us on this creative journey!